Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hello..........! Welcome to may Favorate World

Every people has a favorate, whether it it's a kind of musics, animals, dance, flowers, poetry, story, etc.
Most of the time we love those things because it reflects our personality.
My favorate song is " From this Moment " by Shaina Twain and " Bakit nga ba Mahal Kita " by Roselle Nava. If you already heard this two songs specially the latter one, you might say " Your Weird ". But there's a lot of opinion should taken as a complement.
I love this songs, because that what I feel with someone special with me. But there's a lot of question which hard to find an answer, such as, " Why could I LOVE HIM, if I know he doesn't love me? Why could I feel such thing, if destiny doesn't permit me? Why there's you and me, but were never be? ".
When I fell in love with him, I thought his the right man for me, I even compare our relationship to those fairy tales which always have a happy ending. Definitely that thought is a big mistake because HE LIED TO ME!!!!. He love another woman and the hardest thing is it's " My Best Friend ". Oh my God! It's hurts me so much. I feel regret, but weird to say " I continue loving him and I never try to fall in love again.
Lastly , I have own Poem dedicated to him.............entitled...

I LOVE YOU...............GOODBYE!!!!!

Remember the day when you hurt me,
Remember the triumph and tears that made me lonely,
This what I feel when your not with me,
but I LOVE YOU whole heartedly.

I know it hards when were apart,
Because it gives me a broken heart,
But what should I do,
Is to forgive and forget.

I know it's over,
There's nothing we can do take together,
But listen to me last time, I just wanna say,
" I LOVE YOU...........GOODBYE!!!!!!

LOVE is sacrificing and letting go. I treasure and cherish each moment of LOVE even it's hurts me so much.

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