Friday, October 12, 2007

What did you learn in computer?

computer! computer! computer!
What did you learn in your computer subject? that was my computer teacher asked to me,oh! common ingles yung tanong eh di ingles din yung ang sagot.
Okey! i learn a lot in this subject, like, on how to blog,on how computer technology important in every people around bthe world,in making their project, searching an assignment etc.
On the other hand, it improved my typing ability through the guide of my teacher( konting pasipsip lang po! he! he! he!)
seriously speaking, even we had ashort period of time to discuss this subject, I treasure and cherish and hopefully it will inculcate in our mind those lessons you've shared with us,

salamat po mam sa munting kaalaman ibinahagi niyo na amin pong magagamit sa patuloy pong pag agos ng aming buhay. more power po sa inyong negosyo and GODBLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PO

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